Welcome to the Waterbeach New Town Naming Consultation Webpage

The construction of Waterbeach New Town is now underway. Before the first new homes are completed, it is essential to resolve the name of the new development and an approach to naming all the places that will emerge within it.

Naming is a collaborative process, and this consultation process is being led by the developers and promoters of the New Town, through a process discussed and agreed with local communities and partners and by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

The first phase of consultation has now closed.

The team are currently reviewing all the responses. All those who registered their details will be updated at each stage of the process.

There are two parts to this consultation and two related questionnaires:

  1. The first part relates to the entirety of the new settlement which has throughout the planning process, been called Waterbeach New Town. We are seeking to agree its permanent name.

  2. The second part relates to the naming of places within the new development, including the neighbourhoods, streets, public squares and parks. We are aiming to assemble a ‘bank’ of possible names and useful references to inform and guide the naming of places over the years ahead. The focus for this section is the former Airfield and Barracks part of the development, where construction is underway.

Naming is not a matter to be taken lightly and decisions taken now will shape the local landscape, cultural identity and relationships for centuries to come. We have prepared a consultation report, with the help of the District Council, to inform and assist your consideration of this matter. Please take the time to read through it before answering the questionnaires.

You can still read the report by following the link below.

Go to Online Consultation

A second period of consultation on preferred names coming forward from this will be running from 27 May – 7 July and those leaving comments will be updated during that second phase of consultation.

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You can still offer suggestions for naming places within the settlement at any time after this consultation closes, just drop an email to


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